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Aug 17, 2014
Bug fixes and Improvements v7.2.4859 - 23rd April 2020

File and Folder Backup

We've excluded MS Volume Shadow Copy from participating in backups of removable drives. Previously, a File and Folder backup would report VSS errors before continuing if folders on a removable drive, such as a Flash drive, were included. VSS is not supported on removable media.

MS Exchange
Some customers have reported an application crash when running MS Exchange incremental backups. This has been resolved.

GPT Disk Layouts
We've added an additional check to allow the GPT partition table to contain gaps when loading disk layouts in Reflect. It's possible that GPT partition tables can be non-contiguous if the disk has been formatted or updated using Linux.

Rescue Media
- To distinguish between multiple Ethernet Adapters with a similar name, the Windows PE Network Adapter dialog now shows the MAC address of each adapter.
- Changing the rescue media staging area volume would not always remove all the files on the old volume. This has been resolved.
- If a new edition of Reflect is installed, e.g, Workstation to Server, the Rescue Media Builder will now prompt for a rebuild of the rescue media.