Update Macrium Reflect v8 (updates and discussions)


Level 3
Apr 14, 2020
Regaring this new version, has anyone else that creates Rescue Media having issues with the CD/DVD version? For me the USB rescue loads fine but the CD version will error out after a long, long time trying.
I create 3 copies of rescue media ~ USB (Windows RE) + USB & ISO (PE 10). I've had issues with Macrium's CD/DVD Burner in the past so prefer to burn the ISO using a third-party burner like Burnaware or similar. No problems experienced doing so with latest release, all three (2x USB & 1x DVD) booted into Macrium environment.


Level 5
Aug 19, 2017
New to Macrium.
I keep Rescue Media and Folder backup on an external HHD. Files & Folders manually imported (Reflect free does not support those backups) on the same HHD
Am I good to go in case the need arise?

BTW any suggestion for an easy tutorial how to use the rescue and backups. Something for dummies preferred.o_O