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I wasn't sure how to make my Introduction as suggested in my Welcome email, so I clicked on NEW THREAD. If not the right thing, forgive me & correct me.

I want to say that I Google searched Iminent Search the Web & came upon this forum & it appeared to be a good place to join so I might have somewhere to ask questions about frustrating issues online especially software. It seems whenever I call my Verizon tech support they tell me I'm asking software issues & they can't answer.

My question, hoping this is the right vehicle by which to ask, is how did I get iminent search engine on my computer? I was at a friends, opened a new browser Chrome (she had Firefox with many tabs open so I chose what I had at home). When I opened it all my bookmarks appeared & I became upset that I couldn't figure how to remove them from her computer without wiping them out on my computer at home so I left it.

When I got on my home pc, I found an unfamiliar "browser" that I had never seen on my computer but recalled it from my friends. I searched & discovered it to be "malware" & "hijacked" my browser? I think that's what I understood had happened. But can that happen as a result of opening Chrome at my friends house & via Chrome/bookmarks or whatever it became my default browser at home??




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Hello and welcome.

Please see our Uninstall Guide to Iminent Toolbar (located on the Blog) :

If you require further assistance, you can get assisted help here (located on the Forum) :

Hope this helps.
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