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Nov 10, 2017
What is new in this version:
  • Enhanced Support for Edge Browsers
  • Teams Banner for Trials
  • Enhanced Hardening against False Positives
  • Enhanced detection and remediation

Some Issues now addressed:
  • Fixed: Update available notification does not display when auto updates is turned off
  • Fixed: Switching between settings tabs shows incorrect behaviour
  • Fixed: Malwarebytes web protection slowing down PC (CU: 1.0.1292)
  • Fixed: Cannot change password for user access if password is too long
  • Fixed: MWAC is not handling IP address exclusions specified as an IP Integer value
  • Fixed: Check for updates is not disabled in jump list menu while scan is in progress
  • Fixed: Delay RTP when Malwarebytes starts seconds does not honor restore defaults
Several UI Issues:
  • Fixed: The Upgrade button on the RTP card navigates the user to a wrong place
  • Fixed: Password length restriction not visibly enforced
  • Fixed: Accessibility - Settings Tabs do not have focus rectangles when using keyboard navigation
  • Fixed: Restore Default settings doesn't work on Delay RTP when MB starts dropdown
  • Fixed: German. Start date and Start Time settings drop-downs are too small. Text is not visible at all
  • Fixed: Quarantined items in Detection History should be in chronological descending order
  • Fixed: Error modal typo: “Please check your internet connetion…”
  • Fixed: Incorrect Swedish translations
  • Fixed: The configure custom scan window (text and drop down menu border) does not render correctly on Russian OS
  • Fixed: Sign in: Forgot password requirements "e.g." instead of "ex"
  • Fixed: Drop down menu wheel not always visible
  • Fixed: Advanced Scanners page (Scan Start > Advanced Scanners) Button: Configure Scan should be Configure scan
  • Fixed: Settings\Notifications: Needs copy updates


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