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Well, I am using MB on one of my devices and I am very happy with it. As I am a student, I managed to get a 4-year subscription for $5 via student beans. Unfortunately, the offer seems to be no longer valid.

If you ask around the forum, I bet there is a lot of people who would even give them away for lack of use :)
Well, I would gladly pay them and get that and let them unlift the burden of MB :p Honestly, I have faith in MB; at least they run their own technology and they are doing pretty good.

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Anything which isn't an authorised retailer or from eBay is not trusted at all and should be left alone.

Well, I purchased many keys from eBay such as Bullguard and the keys are working fine and are legit (newegg keycards), so it depends. I have never had luck purchasing Kaspersky keys from any of those sites; the keys get blocked after some time.
i don't think they have a lifetime anymore. when they announced the end of their lifetime lic i did buy one from ebay at that time (many years ago). the lic i bought was never used on anyone else's computer. it came in a sealed box. (basically, since malwarebytes was not going to sell them anymore, some guy bought a bunch and resold them)

anything now would likely be from a used license that was previously installed. and the seller would still have the key, even after selling it to you. so you would have to trust him that he isn't going to sell it to other people too, or use it again in the future. eventually, malwarebytes will notice and kill that license and you could be out of your money.

additionally, my license is a true lifetime. it is for my life, not my computer's life. i can transfer it from one of my computers to another. technically, i am not allowed to resell it. the real question would be if malwarebytes would know if the new computer is a new person (?). so your geolocation might be important compared to where that used lic was previously run????? basically ... they might have a way to know, but you would likely be fine.

i think the bigger danger is in the ebay guy reselling it again and again. (but as always, i'm just talking out of my arse here, heheh)
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i have a full legitimate lifetime key i would not suggest buying one from another person or website. You are only allowed 1 computer per lifetime license. You would also need that persons login information to reset the key if you ever plan to change it on another computer. Getting a key without the login information would be entirely useless to you...


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If you choose to buy from eBay one day at an unknown time your licence will be invalid - I also question why anyone wants to use Mbam anyway these days, 15 years ago yes but now it's a RAM eater (I feel) :):)