Advice Request Malwarebytes WFC rule to block arp spoofing-LAN

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Mar 23, 2021
My system is like this:
Fiber connection> Router 1 ( Ethernet only,OS Windows11, WFC >Router 2 (connected toRrouter1,OS Windows10 via ethernet,
Guest Windows11 wireless ).
So the wireless Guest router 2 connection supports two smartphones and one pc Windows11.
Until I was running Comodo firewall I had no problems creating rules to block Arp spoofing and collusion of data btw the guests (samrtphones and W11pc)and Router1,using also MAC adresses,in spite of their relative value, but now that I'm using Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control I cannot do it anymore as I dont find clues in WFC faqs and cannot bring myself to finish an accepted rule.
My intent is preventing any traffic spilling from Router2 to
Router1,or at least, from the Guest connection to Router1-connected Windows11. Both connections are set on Public. Routers rely on different subnets.
My question is : what kind of rule can I do on Windows11 in Router1 in order to block the rest of the LAN ,that is two smartphones and one wireless Windows11 OS, from seeing it,obviously using WFC?
Very grateful for any hint.

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