On Sale! MalwareFox Anti-Malware (rebrand of Zemana AntiMalware v2) Black Friday Sale $9.95

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You will see the Black Friday offer at the top of the MalwareFox website.


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Dec 4, 2014
MalwareFox are offering a year subscription for their anti-malware software $9.95, instead of $34.99. Although it appears that the regular price may actually be around $25, rather than the claimed $34.99, it's still a big discount. They don't state how long this offer will last for. If you do buy a license, note that there is the option to opt out of auto renewal, which I suggest you do, as no doubt it will renew at the full price.

MalwareFox is a rebranded of version 2 of Zemana AntiMalware. People generally seem to prefer v2 of Zemana to v3 as it has arguably better detection rates and v3 has issues with false positives. However you can no longer use it, as it automatically updates to v3 when launched and if you stop the update you are unable to run scans. With MalwareFox there is no version 3 yet and it basically works like version 2 of Zemana did.

Unlike Zemana, there's no free version of MalwareFox, but you can trial it before buying, which I highly recommend doing.