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We would like to thank Blue Ridge Networks for giving us the opportunity to giveaway these (10) Free AppGuard® licenses.

License Details
  • 10 individual coupon codes for AppGuard
  • Each of these coupons can only be used once and they're each good for 1 free product purchase
  • AppGuard® is a Lifetime License with 1 Year Free Upgrades (ex.Version 4.0 to 4.1,4.2 ect. not Version 4 to Version 5)
  • Instructions,complete with screenshots, will be provided on how to obtain your free Product and activate it once the winners have been announced
  • You can view their FAQ Here for Product reference & Recovering a license

Blue Ridge Networks AppGuard®

New Generation Protection Against Malware

AppGuard is a revolutionary new software product that stops computer viruses and malware – even zero-day malware – from harming you and your PC. Developed by Blue Ridge Networks using patented cybersecurity technology, AppGuard provides advanced protection without scanning and updates. It isolates and contains malicious code, allowing users to work, bank, shop and surf online without concern about exposure to viruses on the public internet or on trusted websites.

AppGuard is currently available for Windows computers. One AppGuard license will cover installation on a single computer.

About AppGuard

AppGuard represents a new generation of comprehensive antivirus protection. It stops zero-day malware - old and new, known and unknown - from executing an attack. It accomplishes this comprehensive protection through the use of a unique, patented isolation and containment method to protect against persistent threats and targeted attacks that traditional antivirus, whitelisting, and sandboxing approaches can’t and don’t stop.

Numerous studies have confirmed there are literally dozens of new viruses and malicious software (zero-day malware) attacking users every minute. Current antivirus tools are unable to detect and stop these attacks for days during which time users are exposed to data theft, ID theft, and disruption. Until updates are downloaded to the antivirus software, users continue to be exposed to harmful exploits.

AppGuard doesn’t need to identify the threat, scan for viruses, update its software, or disrupt your activities to provide its protection. It easily and transparently extends its protection to your complete computing and network environment including documents, attachments, downloads from the web, social network applications, and removable media like thumb drives, without disrupting their use. It is also compatible with most antivirus and whitelisting software which you can continue to use for off-line maintenance eliminating the need for burdensome real-time scanning overhead that offers no real protection from zero-day malware.

AppGuard’s protection methods have been proven through several years of use by government, enterprises, and consumers without any reported failures. A leading IT industry analysis firm recently named AppGuard to its best practice Containment category for protection against malware.

Our newest generation of AppGuard is designed to protect your computing, browsing, and cloud networking needs without burdensome overhead or time consuming downloads. It is easy to install, easy to use, and affordable.

Get AppGuard if you want the peace of mind that you have the best zero-day malware protection in the marketplace. Supported on Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1

System Requirements for AppGuard®
  • Supported on Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1 (32 and 64 Bit OS)
  • 1.0 GB of RAM
  • 200 MB free Hard Disk space



You can view AppGuard® Homepage - here

You can view all Blue Ridge Networks products - here

You can Download the AppGuard® 4 Quick Start Guide - here

You can Download the AppGuard® Description - here

Please Visit AppGuard® Social Media Links Below


AppGuard® 4
File: AppGuardSetup.exe
Size: 20.8 MB

Download AppGuard 4 Install Package

AppGuard® Giveaway Details

The AppGuard® Giveaway starts on May 31,2014 and ends on June 21,2014

To participate in our AppGuard® Giveaway:

1. You have to be a registered member on our forum.
  • You must use your real IP address to enter the giveaway.
  • If you enter the giveaway using a proxy or VPN,You Will Be Disqualified.

2. Make 2 posts in the following forums if you have not done so already
3. Share the giveaway news on Facebook or Twitter, so that others may enjoy it.

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Final Details
  • The AppGuard® Giveaway starts on May 31,2014 and ends on June 21,2014
  • Winners will be randomly selected using RANDOM.ORG on June 21,2014.
  • Winners must reply to the winning PM within 5 days or a new winner will be selected from the posted list.
  • You are allowed to participate with one post and one account/IP. Having multiple accounts on our forum is against our rules and will disqualify you.
  • One post per user(entry posts only), posting multiple times inside the thread is not allowed.
  • Winners will be notified by private message.
  • Good luck! :)
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