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Because of this, we are now embrace for possible future attacks that who wants to break the HTTPS ;)

However that risk is so minimal due to this adjustment.

@Secondmineboy: Wilderssecurity is already in the corner for many years but seems a quite surprise for their not in HTTPS since its a well established forum discussion site.

Its not an excuse for possible expenses though. ;)


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We are now getting an A+ rating for our connection... Let me know if the rating has changed in Kaspersky's view.
I just found where is the problem here about getting so low rating... if in KTS2016MR0c I just disable the so called setting "Always Scan encrypted connections" at all (Do not scan encrypted connections), then I get the best rating:

So the low rating is because the intervention of the certificate by Kaspersky Root Certificate, it seems They still using SHA-1 but SHA-256.
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A little off-topic but- about the wikipedia article, MalwareTips will not probably be notable enough to be posted as a website, or an organization. Please refer to this link for more information:

Wikipedia:Article wizard/Website notability - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And This One:

Wikipedia:Article wizard/Company notability - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So we could try, but since MalwareTips has not won any awards and is not a very large forum-based community compared to some huge communities, we probably are not applicable for a wikipedia article.


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As you may have noticed MalwareTips is now running on a secure connection (HTTPS). Even if we do not handle sensitive (financial) informations like e-commerce sites do, we still want to provide a secure connection for our members.
There should not be any kind of slow downs due to the secure connections, and everything should run smoothly. As always if you encounter any errors or issues feel free to send me a private message.
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Regardless of the justification for this, it's great to see TLS being used.
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