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Current config:
Operating System:
Windows 8.1Architecture: 64-bit (x64) Operating System
Current level of computer security knowledge and awareness: Learning all the time and asking questions.
Last known malware infection on this computer: Never
Virtual-Machine Malware Testing: No
Number of users for this computer:
I'm the only one who is using this machine (Private)
User Account Control settings: Default - Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computers
Real-Time Protection: Emsisoft Anti-Malware
On-demand Malware Scanners: Hitman Pro, Malwarebtyes Anti-malware
Backup and Recovery: 2TB External HDD - MEGA - Copy - Windows 8.1 ISO (On a USB)
Default Web Browser: Maxthon Browser with Sandboxie

Information on NoVirusThanks EXE Radar Pro below:

Wow! A nice giveaway to enter! Thank you!:D
Not open for further replies.