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Was looking at an MSI file today and again found a right click scan with latest updates flags the file as safe but an VT scan detects the file. I still wonder why?


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Apr 13, 2013
The testing modalities used by VT have become increasingly gloopy as of late, with the results being a bit detached from reality. An example would be the malware that you present, which although seemingly ignored by F-Secure will in reality will be detected and deleted even prior to running it. On the downside M Defender tends to have positive results on VT where the actual execution of the file will end in tears.

And currently we have junk results like for this one: VirusTotal

Although this initial VT result seems bleak indeed, actually everyone and their pet iguana detects it (love the company name that signed it!).

Hope that helped.

ForgottenSeer 69673

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This same file crashed Wise Vector. Just by it being detected and telling the program to fix it. Had to do a hard shutdown. When I first posted the file, only 10 detected it. Now 34 do.

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