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hi guys,

so i was looking for a convertible ultrabook, 360° screen thingy and found this one at the nearest store. (i don't buy online)

Lenovo Yoga 520


- 14"
- i3-7100U, 2.7ghz
- 4Gb RAM extendable to 8Gb
- 500Gb HDD, (seems it has room for adding a SSD)
- fingerprint reader
- optical pen

i like the design, upgradable components, and various features. I don't play games, will use it mostly out of my house for working, classic surfing and video calls.

any comments?
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Aug 17, 2017
- machine took ages during boot before reaching the initial setup procedure.

The very first boot can take quite some time, it's only once. I don't know about the pen, never used one but the finger print reader is a very nice option and you should hold out for it. I suppose it's stupid to ask a high security guy why he won't shop on line but why won't you shop on line? You of all people must have an incredibly secure setup?

arslan ejaz

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Jun 5, 2015
I also have Lenovo U430 Touch i5 4th Gen, 8Gb Ram and 500Gb HD i bought it for 375$ , it lasts about 4-5 hours on normal usage and i must say lenovo build quality is very good. One thing i recommend to buy a laptop with anti-glare screen as i mostly use my laptop outside and sun light is enemy of my screen.


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Aug 17, 2017
I wouldn't call it stupid (and I'm not umbra), one possible reason is what happens if there is a data breach somewhere along the line?

Fair point. What I do is use my main bank account to feed another bank account (different bank) which I use for the purchase with the minimum amount of money needed.
The processor that Umbra speaks of is hyper threaded and I would guess more than enough for a non gamer. 2 years ago I would never have bought a computer with a Celeron processor but today I'm using a acer netbook with a Celeron quad core and it's great. Only complaint is that the keyboard isn't backlit, spoiled.

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@HarborFront Umbra is the equivalent to a 1000 spy employees working at Lenovo, he will spoof the environment so when they spy on him they get a fake environment about elderly Christmas shopping instead of his real environment! :p

The system looks quite nice I think, especially if it comes with 8GB RAM. However I don't think I would want 8GB RAM unless I had a better CPU than the one mentioned for the specs. Either way as long as you like it and it can be good for you, why not treat yourself :)

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