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Terry Ganzi

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Feb 7, 2014
Is there a place to see where updates are downloaded or how frequent in windows for WD?

The Images posted will guide you:


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Oct 2, 2020

you are running Windows 10 Pro. If you want, you can enable built-in Software Restriction Policy and significantly bolster your security setup, to the point where most members in these forums will declare it as overkill. I'd be happy to share my current profile if you're interested.
One off topic question - is SRP still working OK or are there any problems using it? I ask because MS is not developing it any more.


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Aug 22, 2013
Is WD enough? It depends I would say. If you are a user who don't use the pc for anything else except for watching Netflix or Hulu or Disney it's enough. But when you start downloading stuffs form suspicious locations it's not enough. WD is vulnerable to fileless malware, lolbin attacks etc. For that you need WD with "hard configurator". Now your system is secure but you are still vulnerable to phishing websites, dns cache poisoning, unwanted advertising etc, for that you need either a system wide doh ( adguard desktop, yogadns, nextdns windows app) or doh on browsers. Use a doh provider with blocking capabilities like nextdns, quad9 or cloudflare family ( I would suggest nextdns with yogadns application, both are free and very effective.


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Apr 5, 2021
One off topic question - is SRP still working OK or are there any problems using it? I ask because MS is not developing it any more.
Yes, as others have replied, it's working fine, although in my case a few anomalies, but nothing serious. To avoid taking this thread off topic, I will dredge up an older, existing thread on SRP and post my setup there, a bit later :)

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