Q&A Microsoft Edge "edging" out Google Chrome?


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Jul 3, 2017
After reading several postings by some of the tech gurus and others here at MT, the takeaway I got was that the new Microsoft Edge is slightly the better overall browser over Chrome out-of-the-box for average users .

I say this well aware of the "many" original Chromium forks but being so many, and the timing of development schedules, one can get confused as an average user choosing which one is best, and how to tweak it.

Of course, some would say it is matter of personal preference, and some hard core MT vets might say nothing but vanilla Chromium but I just wanted to clarify once and for all if it seems like Edge is now "edging" out Google Chrome, and would be a safe, and good recommendation for anyone asking.


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Mar 16, 2019
Maybe I gave the imprecise answer. I simply enabled "DNS lookups" flag in all browsers and change DNS in > Network & internet settings > Change adapter options > Wifi etc.
Ow I see. Outside of browsers it won't use DoH but I think you know that already. But anyway, I'm looking forward to Windows 20H2 mainly because of the system wide DoH feature.