Microsoft Edge features help give you the most out of Microsoft 365 to reduce the pain of context switching


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Apr 24, 2016
It is a direct response to a new challenge that workers face daily: frequent context switching. Our research indicates that in addition to managing schedules, workers juggle roughly three projects a day—and switch between them two to three times on average. Couple that with a torrent of emails, pings, and calls (which, combined, can easily number in the triple digits) and they’re constantly switching contexts throughout their day. No wonder they want to “work smarter”.

One way to help your workers “work smarter” is to make context switching simpler and more intuitive across the apps they rely on daily, such as communications apps and the browser. Enter Microsoft Edge and its latest features.

Millions globally already rely on Microsoft 365 productivity apps—like Outlook and Microsoft Teams—and Microsoft Edge as part of their daily workflow. Over the next six months, we’re making the experience between Microsoft Edge and Microsoft 365 more harmonious. With Microsoft Edge, your workers not only get a fast and secure modern browser, but they’ll also get experiences that connect with Microsoft 365 apps to help them work smarter, maintain context throughout the day, and get more out of their Microsoft 365 subscription.
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