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I have an occasional issue MS really ought to investigate usually but not always on the second Tuesday on there month here 18:00 hours where gigantic files are installed that have really messed things up without warning more than once - it seems I'm not alone either, the PC then takes several years to restart - This has caused more instability than even IOBIT & Avast software ever has - Seems it goes by the pseudonym of 'Windows Update' - The really sneaky part of this evil-ware is it poses as software to make Windows run safer :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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CCleaner was good back into the XP days but i will never use it again after it screwed with my downloads folder.
I still use the previous portable version. I think it is a convenient software because it can manage unnecessary files, tasks and installed software in one place. I'm interested in the future of this software. Compared with praise, bad reputation is often handed down.