Microsoft removed Edge extensions that injected Ads into Search Results


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Aug 17, 2014
After Google, Microsoft has now taken down some extensions from the Edge Add-ons store. The same extensions have been deleted from Chrome Web Store after reports of them injecting ads into Google and Bing search results.

Recently, we reported a Screenshot extension on Chrome Web Store with over 1 million installs is inserting ads into Search results. Including this, Adguard reported more number of Chrome extensions with fly-out analytics script doing the same.

Chrome Web Store team has removed these extensions. We have brought this to the Edge team’s attention a few days back, today, we noticed most of the extensions have been removed on Edge add-ons Store and some are still there.

It’s worth noting that, these extensions haven’t installed by a significant number of users, however, malicious extensions should be removed, which Microsoft has done now, let us hope the company removes the remaining extensions that exhibit the malicious behavior.

While we can’t check each extension in this list on Edge add-ons Store, we can say the following extensions are no longer available for install:
  1. Screenshot & Screen Capture Elite
  2. Forest Wallpaper HD Custom New Tab
  3. Cs Go Wallpaper HD Custom New Tab
  4. Boku No Hero Academia Wallpaper HD New Tab
  5. cows wallpaper HD Custom
  6. Supercars – sports cars wallpaper HD New Tab and more…

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