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A curious squirrel stops the sun flower in Austria while searching for food
Photo by: Dick Van Dujen @dickvanduijn
"The moment the squirrel smelled the flower and dipped his face inside, I realized it was the picture of a lifetime!"
Van Dujen, who lives in the Netherlands, says he traveled to Austria in particular to photograph squirrels.
This photo took 2 hours and 200 attempts to reach this perfect moment.



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The fastest bird in the world,the Peregrine Falcon:
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We were watching some Peregrines teaching their young to hunt Herring Gull and Fulmar chicks on the cliffs near here last week. The screeching noise they make as they close in for the kill would give me a heart attack before the talons gripped me. These really are the hypersonic fighter planes of the natural avian world.
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