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Mozilla has added an additional DNS provider to its DNS-Over-HTTPS implementation in Firefox. This gives Firefox users more options as to which DoH provider they use for secure DNS lookups.
When Mozilla announced that they would be testing the DoH implementation solely with Cloudflare DNS servers, users were concerned that using a single provider decreased user's privacy and gave that provider too much data about Firefox's users.
In a blog post, Firefox has announced that they have vetted NextDNS through their Trusted Recursive Resolver Program and that they will be an additional DoH provider that users can select in Firefox. The Trusted Recursive Resolver Program requires DNS providers to adhere to certain security and privacy practices before being approved by Mozilla.
“For most users, it’s very hard to know where their DNS requests go and what the resolver is doing with them.” said Eric Rescorla, Firefox CTO. “Firefox’s Trusted Recursive Resolver program allows Mozilla to negotiate with providers on your behalf and require that they have strong privacy policies before handling your DNS data. We’re excited to have NextDNS partner with us in our work to put people back in control of their data and privacy online.”

NextDNS does not currently appear in the stable version of Firefox 71 or Firefox Beta 72, but does appear as an option in Firefox Nightly 73. In Firefox Nightly 73, if users go to the Firefox options > General > Settings under Network Settings > Enable DNS over HTTPS, they can now select NextDNS as a DoH provider.
Giving users more options and choices is a far better approach than testing with a single provider as it not only offers better privacy to Firefox users but lets them choose who they wish to resolve their DNS requests.

Article link: Mozilla Adds Additional DNS-Over-HTTPS Provider to Firefox