Mozilla Drops Unannouced Extension Into Quantum

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Dec 29, 2014
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Qihoo 360
Got this from the Qihoo news app. Looked in extensiions and sure enough it was there:

Mozilla faces blowback after slipping Mr Robot plugin into Firefox

I thought Mozilla was dedicated to more secure computing, but this goes hard against that trend. This is a creepy as $%^& activity for Mozilla to get into. It's gone now from PCs here, but who knows what was in the add on...
Nov 5, 2011
From your link:
"There are several scary things about this:

- Unknown Mozilla developers can distribute addons to users without their permission

- Mozilla developers can distribute addons to users without their knowledge

- Mozilla developers themselves don't realise the consequences of doing this

- Experiments are not explicitly enabled by users

- Opening the addons window reverts configuration changes which disable experiments

- The only way to properly disable this requires fairly arcane knowledge Firefox preferences (lockpref(), which I'd never heard of until today)"

Hey Mozilla, bad move!
Sep 1, 2017
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I'm not thrilled with this what-so-ever. I saw this on my computer this morning and took it off on sight and scanned the world out of my computer. All came up clean, but I will report back if I see anything.

Thanks for posting this on MT! Watch out and keep your eyes open folks. Not good...