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Firefox 66 will introduce a series of changes for extensions, which Mozilla says should improve the performance of these add-ons, while also reducing the memory footprint of the browser.

The upcoming version of the application will require extensions to use IndexedDB as the backend for local storage, thus giving up on JSON files.

The migration will be conducted all automatically and neither developers nor users need to do anything about it, as the whole process would be performed when Firefox 66 is installed.

“This change is completely transparent to extension developers – you do not need to do anything to take advantage of this improvement. When users upgrade to Firefox 66, the local storage JSON file is silently migrated to IndexedDB,” Mike Conca, Product Manager, Firefox WebExtensions, explains.

“All extensions using the storage.local() API immediately realize the benefits, especially if they store small changes to large structures, as is true for ad-blockers, the most common and popular type of extension used in Firefox.”


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I still can't use Firefox with MalwareTips for some reason. Haven't bothered to download it since even after seeing what the problem was via extensions.

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