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Mozilla is moving forward with the ambitious new release schedule that it showcased a few weeks ago. As it was getting closer to releasing Firefox 4, it became clear that things had to be sped up to bring new features to users as well as make it easier for developers working on Firefox.

More details about the new release channels were made available recently, including the channel names and logos.

There will now be four channels in total, Aurora being the new one created for experimental releases. As work on Firefox 5 has already started, the first Aurora build, or rather the merger of mozilla-central (Nightly) with the mozilla-aurora channel, has now been released.


Level 61
stormgtr said:
What are the difference between Nightly and Aurora builds?
Nightly builds is also called mozilla-central


General development
Project repository merges
en-US changes
Some localization
Aurora builds/mozilla-aurora

Preffing off and backing out fixes/features which the central channel exposes as problematic with a wider audience.
Remaining localizations
Landing spot fixes to get the product in a shipping state
Merge from mozilla-shadow (see below) and fixes/backouts for any resulting issues
Preffing off and backing out fixes/features which were deemed ready but testing determined they in fact were not
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