Update Mozilla VPN launches on Android and Windows, available in six markets


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Nov 10, 2017
Mozilla debuted its Firefox Private Network (FPN) extension back in September 2019, which was later released as a separate service in beta form for Android and Windows called Firefox Private Network VPN. The company began charging for the extension in June, and also announced that the tool would soon exit beta and will launch as Mozilla VPN.

That happens today, as Mozilla VPN is now available for the Windows and Android platforms at $4.99 per month (spotted first by Venturebeat). The Mac and Linux versions of the VPN are slated to be made available soon, while the iOS version is still in beta. At launch, the service will be available on the said platforms in six markets – U.S., U.K., Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia. The beta versions were available only to customers in the U.S., so it is interesting to see the firm expand the availability of the service to more markets at launch.

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Jan 21, 2018
It will be interesting to see how this works out for Mozilla. I've long been a user of their products, though an increasingly bemused user. They keep implementing new 'privacy' functions while seemingly running more and more telemetry for those of us who dislike telemetry to find and block. I get that telemetry provides useful information for the developers about how we use their software, but is all that telemetry in Firefox really necessary?! Because of that I'm a bit dubious about their VPN, not that I have any proof that it has telemetry in it, its just based on Mozillas track record, particualrly over the last year or two. 'Send' was a good idea but seemingly not thought through fully as its been used by all sorts of malware 'providers' to distribute their wares etc.