Latest Changes
Jan 4, 2019
Operating System
Windows 10
Windows Edition
System Architecture
64-bit OS
Security Updates
Automatic Updates - All security and feature updates
User Access Control
Always Notify
3rd-party Firewall - Network security provided by a trusted vendor
Device Security
Windows Defender SmartScreen (Windows 10)
User Account
Administrator - User has complete control over the device
Recent Security Incidents
No malware or privacy issues
Malware Testing
None - No Malware on host PC or VM
Real-time Web & Malware Protection
Avast Free Antivirus ( Hardened /Agressive Mode ) - Comodo Firewall ( Cruelsitters's Settings )
Custom Settings For Real-Time Protection
Custom - Major changes for Increased Security
Custom Settings For Real-Time Protection Details
Avast has been tweaked for stronger protection , comodo firewall are tweaked with cruelsister's settings plus some additional firewall settings. I also make use of NVT Syshardener ( almost all options ticked )
Virus and Malware Removal Tools
Zemana Antimalware Free - Hitman Pro
Browsers and Extensions
( Main ) Avast Secure Browser : Built in adblock , fingerprint , phising , tracking , https encryption enabled. - Netcraft - Windscribe - Lastpass - Poper Blocker - Avast Browser Protection.
( Secondary ) Brave : Idm Manager - Avast Browser Security - Netcraft - Privacy Posum - Poper Blocker - Decentraleyes - Ubo - Lastpass
Web Privacy
Windscribe Vpn - Dnscrypt - Comodo DNS
Password Management
Default Web Search
System Utilities
Wisecare 365 - Kerish Doctor - Privazer - Bleachbit - Intel SDD Toolbox ( from Trimming )
Data Backup
Macrium Reflect Free
Frequency of Data backups
System Backup
Macrium Reflect Free
Frequency of System backups
Computer Activity
Browsing Internet and email
Watch movies and other video content on the Internet
Office and work related tasks
Video or photography editing
Computer Specifications
Hp Elitebook Folio 9470 M
Intel Core i5 - 3457u
Intel r7 Chipset Sata


Level 23
Overall seems a bit excessive with CF and SysHardener. Have you considered pairing your Avast setup with Hard_Configurator? It has a profile setting for use with Avast hardened mode. Browser extensions seem excessive to me, but just my opinion. Thanks for sharing. :)


Level 16
Had to reinstall Windows 10 due too corrupted / faulty mbr. Same security set up, but use Firefox browser now, fully tweaked for maximum privacy and security, also de installed all media related windows apps.
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