Need Help My arrow is disappearing or freezing every time

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Aug 23, 2013
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This has happened to me even in Safe Mode!

My mouse is Logitech M100.

My AV is Panda Pro. I suspect it as a possible culprit, and I had already decided I was going to switch to another product. But I can't do that without a functioning arrow.

I am going to see if System Restore can help me. But I would like feedback on all possible causes.
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Aug 17, 2017
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Try a usb mouse for the time being. it's probably the mouse, low battery or just worn out, it's fairly old isn't it. I'm very fond of Logitech but they do wear out.

Edit- Try a usb corded mouse.
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Jul 3, 2015
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My Logitech M100 is indeed a corded USB mouse plugged into the front of my tower. I avoid cordless.
If one of the buttons gets stuck or broken on a logitech mouse, it can prevent the cursor from moving. I don't know your model, but it happened with mine. After freeing up the button, the mouse started working again.