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Over 40 years old
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Internet Explorer (Legacy)
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Google Android
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Windows 10
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Super Mario


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Hi all. I'm a little out of my comfort zone here, so if I use the wrong term or not making myself clearly understood, please let me know (WARNING: I'm very detailed and therefore, can be a bit "wordy". Please BEAR with me, in regard to this :oops:o_O;)). I'm desperately in need of help NOW.:oops:
I'm no stranger to computers, however only in the capacity of punching the keys :p:).

A few months ago, (between Sept. - Nov.) I tried to watch a movie on Netflix, but received a notification that I needed to download a program (I don't even remember the name of the it) in order to update my drivers so that I could be able to view videos. I did download it but lots of things that were "weird" (can't remember what) started happening. I immediately uninstalled it.
I thought I'd solved the problem; However, a few days later, I noticed my usual MSN Homepage had disappeared and something called "Search net" was now my homepage. I tried to change it back to My MSN Homepage, but it wouldn't. I use my computer EVERYDAY and I didn't know what to do so I (unwisely), kept using it. I discovered that every time I visited a website looking at different items, ads by "RocketTab" would pop up with other items sometimes relative to what I was looking at, other times not even close to what I was looking at. It started with 1 little box, NOW it's progressed to taking over 3/4th of my entire SCREEN and I am unable to CLOSE them!!!
Yesterday I discovered this website/blog and tried to follow the instructions for removing this PUP (I learned that yesterday from reading this blog:D). I TRIED to follow the instructions, but was stumped on the very 1st STEP! I did locate "BrowserSafeguard with RocketTab" on the installed programs list in the Control Panel, but received a dialog box stating:
An error occurred while trying to uninstall BrowserSafeguard with RocketTab. It may have already been uninstalled”.
Apparently, this was a possibility because the blog stated:
"If you are having issues while trying to uninstall the BrowserSafeguard.exe malicious programs, you can use Revo Uninstaller to completly remove the unwated programs from your machine."

Which I did! This thing is, "one bad motorscooter", because even REVO couldn't touch it!! Revo said "the uninstall failed. I need to choose another icon"...WHAT?!!! PLEASE HELP ME!! What NOW? Please advise. Thanks in advance for any and all the help you give. :oops::(;):)

P.S. Attention Tech Support: While typing this, a dialog box popped up saying something to the effect that: "the RocketTab socket could not connect to" that occurred between 3:20pm-3:35pm CT (if that helps) o_O:)


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Welcome to MalwareTips, and don't worry about your 'comfort zone'! ("Hi all. I'm a little out of my comfort zone here,..") !! You will be well taken care of and learn tons! This will all be behind you and then, totally enyoy the site and learn some of what not to do, too!! :):D Twin Headed Eagle has some great pointers up, as do others, as to safer clicking!:p
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