Hot Take My personal experience trying different VPNs in IRANs high censorship level

amir 957

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Jan 9, 2017
“Personal experience “

Sharing my experience after trying almost every VPN with different ISPs, this is the list that i can at least rely on in every situation, I won’t mention VPNs that sometimes work and sometimes don’t:

Geph ❌
F-secure Freedom ❌
Bitdefender ❌
Proton ❌
Phsiphon ❌
Outline ❌ (tried different free servers, needs lots of volunteers from outside of Iran)
OrBot ❌

TorBrowser Snowflake ✅
ExpressVPN ✅
NordVPN ( Obfuscated servers)✅
Windscribe (WStunnel for desktop app, extension for browser) ✅

I rather choose a VPN that works at highest censorship levels , this is the time that the team behind a VPN company and developers show their capability 📍


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Sep 2, 2021
I often noticed that it was the same in China or in other countries where VPNs are often blocked and prohibited...
I think there is VyprVPN which can bypass some blocking (with their protocol, Chameleon)


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Mar 29, 2018
I always keep a Snowflake instance open in my browser when I'm not at my PC, so it's nice to get real-world confirmation that it actually works.
I just installed the extension. Is this what you use?

Edit: 3 users have already connected to the web. Their extension or their web page is an easy way to help users who face censorhip walls.
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Feb 24, 2016
Most VPN should work which run Obfuscated servers ( Aka SSL wrapped open VPN or SSL wrapped other protocols )

but you also need a VPN with tons of ip / which swaps servers often
thats why mullvad failed they dont swap often and have their entire server list visible including IP on their website , the dream of any censorship country easy to block.

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