Windows Edition
OS version
System type
64-bit operating system; x64-based processor
Windows UAC
Always notify
Account type
Exposure to malware
No malware samples are downloaded
Real-time Malware protection
Emsisoft Antimalware
Periodic scanners
Emsisoft Antimalware
Browser and Add-ons
Adguard, Flagfox, Page Control, Private Tab, Tabscope
Privacy tools and VPN
Password manager
Maintenance tools
File Backup schedule
Backup schedule
No system backups


Good Setup.
Replace Adblock with uBlock Origin (lighter on system resources).
If you visit phishing sites or download malware you need a virtualized environment to safeguard the OS and the personal information it contains, so you should add Sandboxie, Shadow Defender (paid) or, better, a virtual machine like VirtualBox.
As suggested, consider a backup and recovery plan using Paragon B&R free or other apps of your choice.
Thanks for sharing.:)
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I agree with each practical advisement already shared!:):) To more easily create backup images of your system, an external hard drive (hdd) may be something you can consider as I shall too.;)

Download (preferably) directly from software developers to avoid altered software with addware or PUPs (potentially unwanted programs).

On our Windows 7 SP 1 we use the free version WinPatrol. WinPatrol Downloads Page
First, you may view this very illustrative review posted by Malwaretips' @cruelsister:
A popular password manager I recommend, & learned of from an MT Staff member, is LastPass which uses AES (advanced encryption security). It my favorite extension, and has helped make my family's online lives both safer and more convenient.:D
On their site <click> "Download Free".;)

PS Thank you for sharing your configuration. Your English reads very well, & shall only improve with practiced confidence!:):)


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For visiting phishing sites, upon testing hence you need fake generator identity which many websites provode for educational purpose.

Add a backup browser just in case of possible problems with same extension.