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I know this is an off topic question, but does anyone have a list of bitcoin and any virtual coin block filters?
Even if you add the old lists , wich are @ filterlists they will convert into new format itself

edit: Nvm maybe not
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Nano Adblocker: for Firefox: Nano Adblocker – Add-ons for Firefox
Just another adblocker. Syntax highlighter, advanced filter viewer, timer bypassing filters, and more. V. updated 15 hours ago (Jan 21, 2018)
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User comments:
When I have both Nano Adblocker and Nano Defender, do I still need to have Nano Defender Integration List and Nano Filters? Do I still need to change UserReference?
According to the description of Nano Defender, it seem that we do not need to, but those lists are default in Nano Adblocker. If we should not enable them, why not just give us Nano Defender and remove those lists?
by Anonymous user d6f07e, 12 days ago

Developer response
You still need to have them enabled, it's just already done in Nano Adblocker. Extra resources are loaded internally so you don't need to change advanced settings.
posted 12 days ago

The best adblock (and anti-anti-adblock) in circulation.
In addition to being light, it performs at 200% its function!
Used in symbiosis with Nano Defender you will no longer have problems with advertising!
Finally available also for mozilla!
Recommended A++!


Nano Defender: Nano Defender – Add-ons for Firefox
- Anti-adblock defuser for Nano Adblocker - Version 13.24 Last updated 15 hours ago (Jan 21, 2018)

User comments:
  • Request compatible Firefox ESR 52 Version, Thank You.
    by ddrdod, 6 days ago
    Developer response
    I need new APIs from Firefox 57 and I don't want to carry more compile flags than I already have. So unfortunately support for older version of Firefox is probably not going to come.
    posted 6 days ago
  • I've been waiting for this to come to Firefox! I had to temporarily use Vivaldi because it wasn't there for Firefox which is much quicker and takes so much less memory than Vivaldi (a great browser too, but because of these perks I had to look back for alternatives).
    The add on works great with uBlock origin, and it covers my needs in 100%
    Great work and thanks!
    by Anonymous user 9b1976, 11 days ago
I instaled Nano defender, but I can't find Nano Adblocker , link from this post doesn't work, są where I can download it?


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I instaled Nano defender, but I can't find Nano Adblocker , link from this post doesn't work, są where I can download it?
There is no Nano Adblocker for FF. You can use Nano Defender with uBlock Origin, I believe. uBO is the best adblocker for FF IMO. You can get even stronger protection if you learn to use uBO in Advanced User Medium Mode.