Q&A Need to replace freefilesync


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Jul 23, 2017
Hi, I've been using freefilesync for years. But I've seen how it has happened with versions that included PUP to now that its portable version, something basic for me and my work. It's paid.

I'm not bothered to pay for good software, but I would pay for other extras and not just use the portable version.

I use FreeFileSync basically to synchronize my security, personal and work copies, when I need two disks to be the same or two folders to be the same.

I don't ask much just to be able to easily choose if a file I want to keep the old one instead of the new one and that it be portable. How extra would be nice if I had linux & windows version.

I have seen 0&0 software also from easeus... but I see more software to copy partitions instead of folders or disks.

GoodFileSync is good, but its free version is limited.