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welcome to Riyotsu
the site of tech sharing (which leads to caring :) lol) and of course
learning and can I please tell you that you will learn every day that you
read these forums. The knowledge and experiences of members here are incredible.

If you seek answers to your future queries and woes this is definitely the place to post :)

please share with us a little about you and your setup?

again welcome Riyotsu

Edit: and the giveaways are FREEkin Awesome :p


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Hello and welcome to MalwareTips.

Hope that you enjoy your stay.

The first stop that we recommend is the PC Security Configuration Wizard so that we can give you feedback on your configuration.

Plus how did you find us?

Have a look around the forum. You will learn quite a few new things here ;)

Once again welcome Riyotsu. :)

Valentin N

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Hey and warm welcome to malwaretips :) You can also get hardware tips on the current system that is in your possession.
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