Looks good! I would add HTTPS everywhere for chrome and if you want malwarebytes is recommend too
Thank you for your suggestions. Actually I always had Malwarebytes on my rig but a while ago decided to uninstall it and now it is pending on my list. As for HTTPS everywhere - I have never used it. Does it add much to browser security?
I also made a change - took off ESET and added WSA Complete Using it together with Windows Defender on my Windows 8.1 Update 1 PC. Also switched Roboform for LastPass (new versions didn't work with Google Chrome Portable).
Was it an easy transfer from Roboform to LastPass?
Transfer is never easy when Roboform is involved. I think they intentionally make exporting passwords for use with other password manager. But I keep my passwords stored in a file for Lastpass as well - I use both but not on 1 PC.
I have switched to Eset NOD32 AV only with Windows 8.1 built-in firewall, UAC on max, SRP to default-deny policy, Smartscreen filter on.
I have been with this config for 1 month, which in my case is a long time.
Yes, it is really light. I'm wondering how I have endured some of the weight of other AV solutions or unnecessary layers just to indulge in extreme security (not that there is such thing).