How many other web browsers do you have installed on your Computer?

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Seen a few ways to do from using shortcut flags to about flags but probably best one is the following Display settings -> Graphic settings -> Choose an app to set preference: Classic App -> Browse -> Firefox.exe (Brave in your case) -> Firefox (Button that appears below the browse button) -> Options. I then chose Power Saving which makes your browser use the iGPU. High Performance would make the browser use your dedicated GPU.
better then any other alternative since an update won't break it, unlike every other workaround.
It worked


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I have 2.
  1. Firefox - Primary
  2. MS Edge - Secondary
Overall Firefox performs much better and smooth on my laptop. Chromium browsers hardware acceleration doesn't cope well with my system and create rendering lag while switching tabs which is quite surprising. Turning it off improves things but that puts a bit extra pressure on the CPU and lags on some rare GPU dependent sites.