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There's a whole conspiracy that new Nvidia drivers degrade the performance for older cards althrough I haven't noticed any problem on my GTX1060 while playing games 😄


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My friend said this:
"Windows Update does have older drivers than the manufacturer’s site because Microsoft takes time validating them and pushing them to Windows update. It’s normal. The preferred method is to use the manufacturer’s site, but WU is still useful when the site is not available anymore or you have older devices, for instance."
This is my selfish idea. There is no basis, and I don't think it's the correct answer.
The boundary is the release date of os.
For hardware released earlier than this, it is safe to use the drivers provided by Windows.
When adding or replacing hardware released after that, download the driver from the vendor.

In my opinion, handling the driver is similar to handling the BIOS. If there are no problems and it is stable, it is more peaceful not to touch it.


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No judgements on whether you choose to update or not. You're the captain of your ship.

I have an older graphics card and I want it to hang in there until I can replace it with an Ampere rtx 3070 Super/Ti supposedly coming out mid-2021. So the driver is diligently updated each time.

I tell you: if it wasn't for Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU), I most likely would not be updating the graphics driver as often. But I definitely would not be leaving it at the default, which Microsoft did in fact update to one dating 2019. I remember when it was a June 2015 one not too long ago, for pete's sake. :rolleyes:


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There's a whole conspiracy that new Nvidia drivers degrade the performance for older cards
It actually can happen. There was one time when I updated the driver for an old nVidia card with a current one and afterwards the computer got lower graphics scores in Windows Experience Index. But I don't know if was intentional, or just that performance was better optimised for newer cards.


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I'm guessing that the latest drivers are designed with the latest cards in mind, including bug fixes. I feel that support for older cards is probably treated like compatibility.