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Follow on my comment early. An example is RealTek Wireless Lan Antenna Drivers should be white-listed. I received a E-mail letting me know that is Okay to install this device. Couple days there after! I truly think Private
Firewall is up their with OA & Comodo Firewall. And it is free too!


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66MB (private bytes) and 36,000K is what I am experiencing with OA Free.

I have everything activated except the web shield.


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I always had BSODS with OA Free and Avast. What I recommend for Avast and AVG users is Outposts Agnitum Firewall or Private Firewall.
These two are light and work well.
Does any one use OA with Avast?
Currently I am having a giveaway at my site so you can grab outpost.