Which one do you think performs better? (no support for Extension can be ignored)

  • Opera

  • Internet Explorer

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Chromium based variants (list which one if choosing this option)

  • Mozilla Firefox (or its variants) (list which one if choosing this option)

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How good is the Opera browser vs main competitors
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Please, tell me, how good is the Opera browser vs main competitors (mainly, vs IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox). I used Firefox in Windows XP, 7, 8.1. I am not satisfied with how to run Firefox in Windows 10 (in Windows 10 is slower in my pc). I tested the browser and I liked his speed and security.
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Poll added. Note: lack of extension support can be ignored.
If voting without reason is fine. If you reply, please list reasons.

I will go for Google Chrome (Chromium variant) due to quality of life bookmark syncing, decent speed and performance, granted I only have at most 3 tabs opened.


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My vote is for (Chromium variants), even though Firefox adimirador never used a (variant) of it! At the moment I use Vivaldi and Firefox, I usually open several pages at once (do this in Firefox is deadly) Firefox starts presenting crashes, sometimes open many tabs at the same time the browser crashes completely ...
Vivaldi in turn is equal Chrome (at least here) does not crash when I open multiple pages at the same time, fast and light. I think Firefox fast opening pages and lightweight too, these latest versions are very fast!
I have nothing against Chrome, I've used for years! I think the safest, not otilizo Google Chrome because Vivaldi serving me very well! (Perhaps when Google by the standard form of design material, not going to the settings (chrome://flags ) I can install it again), I see many saying that Chrome comsome much ram, honestly I do not see it!
Doing tests on my own system does not see much difference in speeds, Google Chrome (Chromium variant) renders the page faster, begins to display images with more quickness than Firefox, more by the end of the load does not make much difference, thousandths. ..


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My vote goes to Google Chrome because of it's stability, speed and high security level (AppContainer, sandbox).
Tried out "security" forks in the past, just like the Comodo Dragon (Chrome based) / Comodo IceDragon (yes, it's Firefox based), also Aviator (Chrome based, had a very nice UI the time I used it, almost install and play due to being preconfigured), and long time ago, Firefox.
Came back to Chrome because of Google updating Chrome very often, much more often than third party does, was sceptical if they fixed the bugs / security holes, too.
Don't like IE or even Edge (Spartan), because of lacking extensions (and user dependant designs just as they can be easily added in Chrome). Also, Chrome can be easily set up to not submit your referrer as well as being incognito (no traces) on startup - just by editing the shortcut :)

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Comodo Dragon Internet Browser
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I would say Opera, Firefox and Chrome have pretty equal performance. I would give Chrome the slight edge in performance. Firefox was my main until not too long ago, I have noticed some slow-downs with it.

The deciding factor for Chrome is the built-in Flash. Easily makes it the most secure/stable browser.

Edge is a great contender, but I do have some issues with it. When I'm opening a lot of tabs very quickly, some pages will redirect to Blank Page without the URL so I am not able to simply refresh the page. If they fix that, I would be very satisfied with Edge and Chrome in combination as main browsers. For now, it is Chrome as my main browser and Edge/Firefox as backup.


Chrome 64bit Stable

- 64bit version
- Fast (Faster startup and tab changes)
- Secure (potent sandbox feature over process - Google Safebrowsing)
- Many extension (Firefox is famous for add-ons and customization but Chrome already has major extensions)
- Built-in flash player (Flash will be dead maybe but it is still big part of the web and it got updates with browser itself. It is another security point and usability point)

Other Chromium forks has these maybe but they are always behind the updates and fixes. Do not use third party browser just for an UI and a fancy name.
Opera, it is very good browser but it has not 64bit version on stable channel. Opera 64bit still on developer channel and experimental.
It has not built in Flash so you need to install Flash as extra. You need to check its updates. Opera has good sides too because of these I keep Chrome 64bit my default and Opera as my second browser.
You should use Chrome and use Opera as secondary browser. Just my 2 cent.