Which one do you think performs better? (no support for Extension can be ignored)

  • Opera

  • Internet Explorer

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Chromium based variants (list which one if choosing this option)

  • Mozilla Firefox (or its variants) (list which one if choosing this option)

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List of apps to compare
How good is the Opera browser vs main competitors
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I can't really find any reason to switch away from Chrome. It seems to be the most secure. It's stable. I've had virtually zero issue with lockups/the browser becoming non-responsive. The performance/speed is there, it is constantly updated and optimized. The extensions and obviously built-in flash as well. I used FireFox for a while but I really see no point in going back. It just doesn't stack up. I used to have a bunch of lock up and load time issues when I used it as well.


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The only reason you can choose opera over chrome is the inbuilt data compression(including video acceleration) and ad blocker. I would still go with chrome since it does practically everything well. Firefox failed in banking transactions for me quite a number of times. Microsoft's edge doesn't even have any extensions yet. Most of the other browsers are based off chromium.