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Jul 2, 2014
Hello and we are back for our Triennial Antivirus suite of the Year polls. :) Here are the previous winners in this category

2017 - Kaspersky Internet Security
2014 - ESET Internet Security

This thread will be useful to get the best of recommendations that money can buy. Try to limit your recommendations to paid products unless a free suite is as good.

To make these nominations/results more constructive for the end-user, please mention the Pros & Cons for each antivirus suite in their respective sections. Please state what you found good and bad in each antivirus suites to help other users.


NOMINATE: Max 2 Paid Products (AV/IS/TS)
NOMINATION PHASE: 17th Nov - 23rd Nov

FINAL POLL: 5 Products (most nominated)
POLL PHASE: 24th Nov - 30th Nov


CURRENT NOMINATION STANDINGS (votes) - Till @ there may be more votes
Note: If I can't edit this post anymore, please check for my following posts for latest standings



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Jun 12, 2020
1.Kaspersky Internet Security:
Pros - best protection when doing online transactions, very light (on my PC), excellent application control functionality, very competitive price, no disturbing
messages, very reliable scan results (no false positives), scans are fast
Cons - Version 20 was perfect; version 21 I don't like very much the new GUI

2.Bitdefender Internet Security:
Pros - excellent protection when doing online transactions, very light (on my PC), very competitive price, very reliable scan results (no false positives), perfect
protection out of the box
Cons - I find that scan times are longer than Kaspersky's, so I prefer doing deeper scans with Emsisoft; I miss the module for the identification of the devices
connected to the wifi (Kaspersky has this option)

What I also really like about these two companies (and ESET) is that (unlike most of today's AVs) they still develop their own firewalls instead of relying on Windows' Firewall. Much appreciated.


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Aug 17, 2014
  1. Kaspersky Internet Security [ low system impact, Application Control (properly tweaked similar to SRP), very good BB (System Watcher) ]
  2. F-Secure Safe [ very low system impact, overall good protection modules (DeepGuard, Web Protection, Ransomware Protection) ]


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Mar 16, 2019
1. Kaspersky Internet Security
Pros: Brilliant proactive and reactive protection, Application control, low system impact.
Cons: Script injection can slow down page loading in some cases.

2. ESET Internet Security
Pros: Best signature/static scanner in the industry, very low system impact, highly customizable.
Cons: Nothing I can think of at the moment.


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Jun 26, 2020
The best solution in 2020: Kaspersky Internet Security


"KIS is rock solid" (subjective)

  1. Low impact on the system.
  2. Extremely efficient disinfecting files, even compressed files.
  3. Very low false positive, very well done signatures, the great majority of the antivirus (Bitdefender/f-secure) detected a crack as a threat, even if clean, kaspersky just detected if a real thread is present in the file.(tested).
  4. Many years proving that is one of the best solution, revel consistency over time.
  5. Good price compare with is competitors.
  6. Low amount off bugs, the detected bugs are small things.
  7. Compatibility with other applications (except Malwarebytes, like cat and dog).
  8. Account protecting, all the online accounts have a low number off attempts to "log on ", after that you have to wait five minutes, licenses protected by CAPTCHA. The majority of the competitors don't have this, F-secure don't have this system a least.


  1. Forum supports very bad compare with the level off beta testers they have, I was a beta testers and many companies would like to have the level off beta testing users they have. So for me, don't make sense that they support forum don't have the same amount off knowledge.
  2. 300MB of VPN offered for product buyers is ridiculous. Many paid VPNs offered more free traffic to users that are not clients.
  3. Firewall is limited on options to control applications and not very intuitive, the gui off the firewall should be much better.
  4. GUI need a face lift, no bad, not excellent, but the same gui to many years, need something fresh.


Second option: Bitdefender

  • Need consistency, wasn't consider one off the best for many years, has to build a reputation.
  • The price is not the best
  • I don't tested, but I read that it have a lot off bugs.

F-secure, I don't consider one off the best because f-secure don't have a built-in firewall, in 2020 it's not acceptable. (It's my opinion, I know many don't share this)

Sorry for my bad English :p

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Jun 8, 2020
My nomination goes for Bitdefender Total Security.

1. Easy to use.
2. Best Protection.
3. Advanced+ Award in Malware protection, Performance, and Real-World Protection by AV-Comparatives.
4. Bitdefender VPN has good speed.

Sometimes I have faced installation issues. Other than that I don't see any cons.


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Aug 4, 2016
1. Kaspersky Internet Security: - Light these days, excellent protection & has been for some time, the firewall is reasonably accessible, inexpensive if you take advantage of Kaspersky offers - I really like the UI, for me nothing to dislike, apart from useless VPN they still insist on installing, some nags.

2. Emsisoft Anti-Malware: - Good protection throughout, simple to install & can import settings, very light on PC's I've used it on, as regards privacy it's unsurpassed, for me privacy counts, had emails recently of changes? No bloat or unneeded features - Needs a new tray icon though?


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Oct 13, 2019
  1. Kaspersky Internet Security (one of the best protecting suites out there, rollback, web protection, @harlan4096 as beta tester)
  2. F-Secure Safe (light on the system when switched to Avira signatures, deepguard)

  1. Kaspersky Internet Security [ low system impact, Application Control (properly tweaked similar to SRP), very good BB (System Watcher) ]
  2. F-Secure Safe [ very low system impact, overall good protection modules (DeepGuard, Web Protection, Ransomware Protection) ]

These are my two nominations too! KIS/KTS definitely provides one of the best levels of protection thanks to having so many layered modules that all perform well.

But F-Secure SAFE installs in like 1 minute and is just a bare essential antivirus product which works really well by combining multiple engines. They are passionate about privacy and never stop with their continuous improvement. As others have said, this year they've shown so much improvement in the product, whether it's UI or adding AMSI integration into DeepGuard, etc.

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