Battle Internet/Total Security Suite of the Year 2017 [Poll Thread]


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Jul 2, 2014
From your nominations at Internet/Total Security Suite of the Year 2017 [Nominations Thread], 5 products have been selected for the final poll phase starting today.

The poll will be closed on 29th Dec 2017 and the winner revealed on 30th Dec 2017.

Do reply in this thread which product you chose and why?

**** Also please take a moment to mention the Pro's and Con's you have found in the Product, so that it will be helpful for others while making their decision. ****

Nomination Results:
Product (votes)

Kaspersky (24)
Emsisoft (11)
ESET (11)
BitDefender (4)
G-Data (3)

Norton (2)
Comodo (2)
Avast (1)
Avira (1)
F-Secure (1)


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Dec 20, 2014
in interface its depend on user
i vote for eset cuse g-data and emsisoft use bitdefender engine and database if u want to go wit tis two software its better go with bitdefender suite beacuse its stronger than other,but i dont like bitdefender and i never trust kaspersky and last option for me is eset(y)(y)(y)
Pro's and Con's for other product:unsure::
avira have a good database and component but missing firewall(use windows firewall)
avast is better but still buggy in some part like in gui
Norton is the best but miss parental control(if u ave a child)if u not its the best for protection.
comodo ave a best ips and firewall but have false and not so good in database
f-secure better than(emsi,g-data)but miss firewall system and poor sometimes in removing infection and ave no offline installer its a big drawback(n)(n)
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Jan 8, 2017
For me the two best are Emsisoft and G Data, double engine, the two best BB of the market, in my opinion. But since you have to choose one, I'll stick with Emsisoft, clean and error-free UI, super fast when clicking, it does not affect the performance of the computer, and I always have to mention Emsisoft support, the best (y)


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Sep 9, 2013
ESET because:
- Great Signatures
- One of the best on PUP (potentially unwanted programs) detection
- No system impact at all (start up, multitasking, open/close programs etc...) Basically one of the best for system performance.
- Less false positives
- Always one of the fastest vendors who releases signature updates for zero day malware.
- Very good support team
- Very stable program (no crashes,less bugs that others)


Voted Emsisoft. I'm surprised at how popular Kaspersky is on the results as it blast the others. Didn't expect to see G-Data as well. Anyway these are 4 amazing products, so whatever is the winner it will deserve it (y)
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Apr 28, 2015
But don't spect too much, is not a product as complete as Sticky PW, with the revamping They removed many features and KPM became a very simple product, in fact in the last 2 years They are adding again new features and is recovering functionality...
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