Internet/Total Security Suite of the Year 2017

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carsten ibsen

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I voted Bitdefender Total Security, that is, in my opinion, the best AV in the world right now and has been for years.
I have been a very happy Bitdefender user, but now I use Windows Defender+Malwarebytes Premium+Heimdal Pro+Voodoo-Shield Premium & HitmanPro, better safe than sorry, I also use several VPN services one at the time of course:)

Deleted Member 3a5v73x

Voted G-Data, can't get another product with such an effective firewall.
Agreed, I also find it one of the easiest to make rules for software inbound/outbound connections, logs are also informative and easily understandable. Although, G Data isn't for everyone and it's quite hard to understand at the start, but it's worth the time and effort to learn, reading Manuals is the first step. ;)

It's not the G Data! :eek::ROFLMAO:

Kaspersky deserves IS/TS suite of the year 2017 title. ;)
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Thanks a lot @jackuars !

These 3 security solutions are amazing and well deserve their ranking. Can't go wrong with those. Thanks for this very cool poll (y)


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Malware Hunter
In Eset's place, it would have to be G Data (my opinion), eset in MH is often infected system, as in AV-Test and Comparatives, fell dramatically, the only thing I see well is lightness, but lightness does not win game against malware.