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Sep 2, 2021
Hello and welcome to the Panda Dome test!
Panda Security is a Spanish company, very well known by the general public.
The antivirus has never had a good reputation, but they have innovated as the Cloud Compulting in 2009 with their free software, Panda Cloud.
The software has become stronger over the years (detection of suspicious files, VPN etc..)
But still does not contain web filtering (at one time, it had one in partnership with Visicom media, which was a PUP ...)

The interface of the software is still as simplified as possible for novices, very uncluttered.
The antivirus works on the Cloud, so it requires an Internet connection.

On the Web level, Panda is good and reacts correctly to infected files.
On the other hand, it is another story on the pack...

The PC is very quickly infected, the files are replaced by those of the malware.
Impossible to continue and Origami finishes the job in MP.
Panda knows how to defend itself when it sees what it knows, but when it can't detect, it lets it go.

Panda suffers from two problems for me:

- It doesn't have web filtering to block exploits of vulnerabilities for example, or phishing
- It relies TOO much on its Cloud base. Panda does not have a Behavior Blocker, which could have blocked malicious acts and saved the machine.

Antivirus not recommended

RAM Usage : Average
Phishing Test : No web protection. Not tested
Malware URL test : 10/10 (all detected)
Fake crack : 1/1 (detected by database)
Malware Pack : Remaining 279 files to 920 malwares
Home Malware : 0/1 => End of the test