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Full info: Patch D for KAVKISKTSKFA 2018 / KSeC 2.0 / KSC 1.0
Fixes and features:
Requirement 2079696:[BRQ][SaaS][VPN][SDE WIN][Patch C] Different VPN traffic limit for SaaS license users
Requirement 2256862:[BRQ][SaaS][VPN][SDE Win] Troubleshooting facilitation 3.0
Requirement 2309262:[BRQ][SaaS] Renew ticket when license is blocked
Bug 2312506:[Support] Anti-Banner freezes during dynamic page updates
Bug 2322801:SUPPORT: It's no possible to type data on some sites in Edge
Bug 2338669:SUPPORT: opens very slow with enabled Web-AV
Bug 2326358:[Core Drivers] [KLBackup] операция рестора фейлится в klbackup-e с ошибкой Access Denied
Bug 2337572:[KTS][KPM integration][UCP] KPM didn't catch Premium mode from KTS with commercial license with different KPC accounts
Bug 2350842 DUMP: avpuimain!PrepareRemoteServices_781AF3FD
Bug 2363542:Fix the KLBACKUPDISK problems
Bug 2365752 DUMP: <<31709>>_68502140
Bug 2375544 DUMP: avpuimain!GetInterface<IProductModulesUpdateLocker>_9F25FEB6
Bug 2383517:Инсталлятор не запускается если временный каталог отсутствует

Compatibility fixes:
Requirement 2017927:[BRQ][Windows 10] New AMPW compliance
Requirement 2254150:[BRQ][Windows 10] RS3 support
Requirement 2127653:[BRQ][FF] Compatibility with FF 57
Requirement 2349359:[BRQ][PDK] trafmon.xml - support exclusions by application versions
Requirement 2277840:[BRQ][PDK] New version of Chrome
Bug 2289909:[VK\SK][Edge] SK not work in Edge browser on Windows 10 RS2
Bug 2318636:[2018 Patch D][SM][Edge] Need enable Edge Safe Browser on Win10RS2
Bug 2338471:[2018 Patch D] Need enable injection in to Edge browse
Bug 2337453:[KAVKIS 2018][SafeBrowser] Google Chrome beta (61.0) opens Internet Explorer SafeBrowser or doesn't start any SafeBrowser at all
Bug 2356449:[KSC][Upgrade]Encryption vault is not picked up after Major Upgrade from KSC2018

Fixes for localizations:
Bug 2279220:[lv-LV][lt-LT] Wrong plural forms rule
Bug 2310860:[2018 Patch C][KIS][ja-JP] GUI review feedback implementation in Japanese translation
Bug 2310673:[2018 Patch C][KSC][de-DE] Incorrect text in Welcome Tour
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