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Hi, Paul Lee. I particularly liked how you've chosen ESET 8! It seems as though I may be the very last one among my friends here to follow your example by upgrading from version 7!!:p:rolleyes:
If you've already added LastPass to your configuration be sure it is the latest (for Firefox)
VERSION 3.1.54

CCleaner is not only a well accepted tool many of us use, did you know it's a privacy software too?o_O (I've read exterminator20's posts!:cool:) Another privacy tool (actually an extension) is DoNotTrackMe which essentially, and as far as I understand, performs similarly to a VPN by encrypting your ISP connection thus preventing tracking (more or less like Ghostery). sometimes I use them both.:):)

As you are at an advanced level of knowledge, the free program that's represented by the banner (below) as my signature, the one that looks like a big kite without a tail,:p may be a nice addition to further securing your system's config. (I'm using it with Firefox, now, as I type!;))
which, by the way, I'm happy you've shared with us.

PS If you decide not to trade for Sr Normal's daughter's XP lap top, I have an old Dell desktop with XP, and there's also a bridge you might be interested in buying too, lol!!:p:D j/k>;)
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