Troubleshoot PC Turns Off Whilst Gaming


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Aug 7, 2016
PC Specifications:

CPU: i7 4790K
GPU: Nvidia GTX 970
PSU: Corsair CX750 750W
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97-HD3
RAM: 16Gb

Hi, so for a while now I have been experiencing an issue where I would be in game and suddenly my PC would turn completely off, an example of game I have played where this has occurred was DayZ SA.

I first experienced this issue a few months back but took little notice and uninstalled steam because of college work, however recently I tried playing DayZ SA again and the issue occurred again.

I have in the past tried monitoring CPU and GPU temps whilst in game and they were normal when the issue occurred.

I have also considered it might be my PSU causing the issue but considering reliability and stability of corsair PSU's I have not concluded that this is the issue yet.

Any help to assist me in resolving my issue would be very appreciated.


It can't be incompatibility of hardware, or hardware interference since it only occurs under the stress of a specific task. If it were hardware incompatibility, or hardware interference, the PC would shut down even in idle at desktop. It can be a general hardware issue, but not incompatibility or interference.

No need to download software that simplifies your error reporting either. Just post your actual Windows Error Reporting log here once the issue occurs and we can determine if it is software, hardware, or both.
The PC wouldn't shut down in idle at desktop if it was a temperature issue but once under load the temperature could sky rocket & cause a shut down to prevent damage.


But he's already mentioned temps are fine during the occurring issue. This thread is still stuck in first gear, every suggestion has been the exact same.
Because he has said they are "fine" but he may be using terrible software to monitor the temperatures. He hasn't even listed what the exact temperatures are! It sounds like this issue is related to thermal issues so he needs to:

- Monitor the temperatures Idle/Load
- List the exact temperatures at both Idle/Load
- Check his heat sink/thermal paste

These are 3 basic & simple troubleshooting steps when your PC is shutting down randomly. If you want to find the problem then you start with the basics & level up...


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Aug 30, 2012
We need temperature readings. Download HWiNFO from here HWiNFO - Hardware Information, Analysis and Monitoring Tools, install it and click on Sensors

Show us the results...


Those temps were from the torture test which causes the CPU to go to maximum heat,

also I thought those in game temps were normal?
Your CPU temperature shouldn't really go above 70 degrees C to be on the safe side. The average with an overclock whilst gaming is between 60-70 degrees.

My CPU (Intel i5-4690K) is overclocked to 4.5Ghz & with my DarkPro cooler it stays at 50-60 degrees whilst gaming - never goes over 61 degrees!

What cooler do you have?


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Aug 30, 2012
Temperatures at CPU + GPU IDLE:



CPU Under Load Benchmark Test Prime95:


CPU Temp in a DayZ game (Played for more than 5 minutes and no crash) :


Please, re-run the test with Prime95 , 26.6 version and show us the results

Run only Small FFT’s for 10 minutes.

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