Purchase or Last Upgrade Date
Jul 20, 2020
Daily driver
My Primary device
Form factor
CPU (Processor)
Intel i9 9900 3.1GHz @ 1.16 volts (validated via CPU-Z)
RAM (Memory)
GSkill Trident Z 2x8 GB @ 3200mHz (xmp enabled) RGB modules
GPU (Graphics)
NVIDIA GTX 1080 Founders Edition legacy blower-type (salvaged from prior bld)
Samsung 970 EVO Plus nvm-e @ 256 GB
2x Western Digital Blue and 1x Seagate 5400 rpm (1) tb HDDs in encl. for offline storage


Level 20
Oops sorry, Vitali Ortzi, didn't mean to cut and run. I used video editing materials from BandiCam but haven't done so recently. BandiCut to be more precise. If there was something more technically-involved, sorry, not so savvy there. 😁

Here are a couple of quick benchmarks--re: User Benchmark--there was some reports of unfair bias in favor of Intel, so, although these are nice results, I take it all w/salt.

passmark 7202020.PNG
user benchmark.PNG


Level 20
Well, what answer was expected?. How about: "any day now." :giggle: I have a Samsung 970 EVO Plus with almost double the read speeds of the Western Digital nvm-e but with 96% drive expected life instead of the 100% the WD shows via HWiNFO64. I want to see how this will affect the Passmark results.

My gpu actually surprised me no end. I thought it was dead. Real quick: I had taken off the CPU cooler to clean and re-paste and to my horror, I couldn't remount it to the brackets. I found that all four threads to hold the cooler in place had fallen and lodged behind the motherboard, which also at that point wasn't delivering power to the gpu's PCIe slot either. But re-placed in my new build, the benchmarks indicated that even though this gpu is over 4 years old, it performs surprisingly well. It retailed at the time for 699 USD.

With this ASUS board, you can only "upgrade" to an i9 9900K, which around here, costs only 20 dollars more than my 9900. I can undervolt but don't have the magic touch to overclock. So, aside from exchanging an nvm-e which I already have, I have no intentions to upgrade anytime soon, only if there's a failure somewhere. To me, it's paramount that the machine is "capable." I leave terminology like "high end" and "low end" to those who place value on those terms. No mad desire to Keep up With The Joneses.:rolleyes:


Level 20
I could not reinstall my pre-existing EVO 970 Plus, the computer recognized it but would not progress beyond the BIOS page. I then remembered the SSD's surface had been damaged, prob. by my imprope use of a heatsink in the past. So I used a Store Credit and bought a new one. The machine is "done" for now but suggestions and comments are very much welcomed! (y)

Here are the stats--I was a little miffed at the random read/write but then recalled that the EVO Plus is not as high-caliber as the EVO Pro. It's OK, I guess. Anyone with better info on Samsung SSDs, please do not hesitate to add more!