I agree with Illumination, UAC should be enabled all the time, at least just default setting should be enough (mine is max) also you might consider using back up software or using traditional back up by drag and drop to another HDD ext, and FF extension as well, anyway thanks for sharing your config :)


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I agree with each member's valuable gift of wisdom.
  1. UAC. Set it to at least to default ("Always Notify" wouldn't hurt.) Do not allow UAC:oops: to become:eek: Un-used Annoying Control.
  2. Back up your system. Everyone (including myself):rolleyes: needs to do this. So, prepare in the event saving your system might depend on it.
  3. Do not run downloads when you are even a little uncertain of the source, or when you are unfamiliar with what it is. If you <click> on many links & open many e-mails, consider Sandboxie Free www.sandboxie.com
  4. Most importantly, use your most effective security extension you already possess as the User in User Activated Control, and patiently allow for your own better judgment.:)
  • Extensions for Firefox are found under tools > Get add-ons.
You might try Addblocker Plus, Ghostery, HTTPS Everywhere, & LastPass which securely manages passwords (it makes life easier + safer!) by memorizing a single master password.

Thanks for sharing your configuration!
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