Q&A Polar Backup any good? Is it needed?


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Sep 27, 2017
So currently my documents are stored in OneDrive which I use across my devices as cloud storage. I occasionally copy everything across to an external HDD just as a precaution, but would prefer to automate the backup as I rarely do it or keep forgetting.
I came across Polar Backup after researching Degoo (which I didn't like terms and conditions) and found they do a lifetime licence which would be good for me Polarbackup | Cloud Backup Solution
Now is it recommended to have an additional cloud backup alongside the cloud storage I already have with OneDrive as an additional precaution, or is this unnecessary?
I've never heard of Polar Backup but see it's a UK company (where I live) and seems to have decent reviews.


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Apr 24, 2016
For me it's a NO.

See this
Reading the link from @Paul.R I would say: no way!
I don't know if you have a MS Office 365 account, but if you do you have 1TB (auto sync) on OneDrive with ransomware protection and keep a copy on an external HDD.
You can use Windows File History for that, it gives you a reminder when it's time to back up again.


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Apr 14, 2020
@Dave Russo they do give a 30-day money back promise, and one Trustpilot comment said they did honor this when he asked for a refund.
I actually found a deal for Polar Backup on Indygizmo (shared on another thread here about cloud backup) and I dropped $40 bucks for 1TB.
It's working well so far. Can' fault their product at this price. Receive an email from them announcing the launch of annual business plans, so looks to me like they're growing and will offset cost of these 'lifetime' deals with annual business subs and account upgrades (yes, I also got an email about upgrading my plan, which I may consider if there's a need).

Not saying my experience and/or needs will match everyone, but I wouldn't dismiss them.