Do you plan to update or clean install the soon to be released Windows 10 May (2004) update?

  • Update my existing 1809 installation via Windows Update

    Votes: 2 3.0%
  • Update my existing 1903 installation via Windows Update

    Votes: 1 1.5%
  • Update my existing 1909 installation via Windows Update

    Votes: 41 62.1%
  • Clean install 2004

    Votes: 15 22.7%
  • Not sure yet...

    Votes: 2 3.0%
  • Don't plan to upgrade for now

    Votes: 5 7.6%
  • Total voters


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I just did a clean install recently, about two weeks ago with 1909. I was having problems with my previous install of 1909, so I needed to start fresh anyway. And I also installed a different video card at the same time (moving from AMD to NVIDIA). The video card arrived in the mail, like the day after I installed Windows. Just my luck. Anyway it all worked out, as I used special software (DDU, Display Driver Uninstaller) to uninstall the AMD drivers, rebooted, and installed the Nvidia drivers.

When 2004 is officially released, I will wait a few weeks before I upgrade from my existing 1909. But I will also download the 2004 iso image first, before I allow my computer to upgrade. Just in case I run into problems during the update, I can easily clean install either 1909 or 2004, as needed.

I like to burn dual layer DVD's (DVD+R DL) with the iso files, and also copy then to USB flash drives. Gives me many options to choose, when doing an install on a computer.
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