Do you plan to update or clean install the soon to be released Windows 10 May (2004) update?

  • Update my existing 1809 installation via Windows Update

    Votes: 2 3.0%
  • Update my existing 1903 installation via Windows Update

    Votes: 1 1.5%
  • Update my existing 1909 installation via Windows Update

    Votes: 41 62.1%
  • Clean install 2004

    Votes: 15 22.7%
  • Not sure yet...

    Votes: 2 3.0%
  • Don't plan to upgrade for now

    Votes: 5 7.6%
  • Total voters

South Park

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I've seen this update described as "underwhelming," but when I eventually update, I'll download the iso and update it from there. (On a related note, it took me 3.5 hr. to download the 5 GB 1909 iso on a slow WiFi connection. My Android tablet erased the file after downloading 4 GB of it because, as I discovered, it can't recognize files larger than 4 GB.)


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Content Creator
I'll upgrade from Windows Update. Usually I download the ISO and manually upgrade early. But this time I'll wait until it is available from Windows Update.

I prefer to upgrade, rather than doing a clean install, as I don't have issues after upgrading. If Umbra was still around, he would insist that you need to do a clean install. But, I find that upgrading works fine and it saves the hassle of having to reinstall apps.
I am not going to upgrade for the moment. Waiting to be fixed all the necessary bugs. 😊
Yep, I have feature updates paused up to 14 days, if little tiny Patch Tuesday updates can wreck havoc, then who knows what a major feature update can do, just look at the initial release of 1809: MS had to pull the update entirely because the first batch was deleting people's files...


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I'll update from 1909 on all of our Windows devices. I had to do a clean install on a PC for 1909 after than messed up the machine completely as an update. I don't want to have to do the re-installing software routine again, I value my time doing other things than what should be unnecessary. But, I'll wait a bit longer to do this, as others have said, MS have a track record of having to pull updates that I'd rather not get caught up in. I haven't seen any things included in 2004 that are absolute must-haves immediately. Delaying security patches worries me far more than features updates.


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If you install the update now, what will happen when its released through windows update officially do you continue to receive updates as normal?
If you install it now, you must be insider on slow ring i guess and you will receive all the updates bit before stable gets them

I suggest you to not rush and revert back to stable channel and just wait patiently , its just a week away i think