Problems with IDM and Sandboxie

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Jul 3, 2017
Having a lifetime license for Sandboxie, I have tried many times to use it with my browsers and Internet Download Manager. Each time I tried, the file does not become isolated, and out of frustration, I uninstall Sandboxie from my PC. Btw, the browser is isolated.

In the past when a file was downloaded by internal or external download manager, the file was automatically sandboxed, and one had to "recover" it to use.

Now, whenever I sandbox any of my browsers, and download a file with IDM, IDM operates automatically outside of the browser and is not sandboxed, nor is the downloaded file.

I have tried contacting Sandboxie support via their forum to no avail.

So can someone tell me how to configure Sandboxie so that IDM automatically becomes sandboxed when I sandbox my browser(Chrome), and the resulting file stays isolated in the sandbox unless I recover it?

Much appreciated.

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I'd like to try and help you but I'll need a few more details beforehand. Could you link me to your download manager? I don't use one so I am not very familiar with the common services for this... If you can do that then I will be happy to see what I can do.


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Aug 2, 2014
Try this:
Sandboxie Control > Configure > Software Compatibility: Uncheck Internet Download Manager box

Just to make things sure, restart (not shutdown) the machine.
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